Alpendorf collection

Although the city of Salzburg itself is more famous for being the birthplace of the musical prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it is the Alpendorf Snow Park that lies above the city that draws the majority of today's youth to the area during the winter seasons. The self-professed 'freestyler's paradise' is certainly Austria's, and arguably one of Europe's foremost areas to practise and hone freestyle skills on skis or snowboards. Right in the heart of the Snow Space Salzburg Ski Resort, the park has been designed to ensure quick development of participants. It is regularly re-shaped and new angles are built in order to constantly reinvent the landscape and provide new challenges for frequent users. These hugely creative undulations are all carefully planned to induce maximum hang time and therefore increase the capacity for you to perfect the special move you've been practising. The length of the course is circa one kilometre and offers more than 30 obstacles, 10 kickers, with a jumps/jibs rate of about 40/60. A special chill-out platform with WiFI hotspot also allows for people to congregate, to talk about their runs, and to watch friends as they ride down the mountain. And while the park has been created to challenge even the ablest of riders with its challenging jumps and jibs that you can come onto with high speed, it also caters to beginners and those who need smaller jumps and boxes to aid them on their journey to mastering their skills. With this range, we have sought to encapsulate the free-spirited nature of Alpendorf and the kind of lifestyle that the park promotes and helps protect. The result is a sports-casual range that is truly modern and provides the perfect option for those 'bon vivant' types who like to remain on the go and flexible.
This Alpendorf collection is all about rounded forms. Its circular angles provide a soft aesthetic but also contribute to a lightweight range that is easy to transport and use. Bright stitching and materials lend a cool edge to the collection and create a range that is perfect for those looking for a bag to help them during a day off, for walking in the park; or for those riding scooters and bicycles after being at the office or university library. The Alpendorf collection has a hipster flex to it but is also, due to its supreme functionality, ideal for urban professionals and students on the go.


This range has been specially designed for those that like to move around and be light on their feet. Traveling lightly is one of the best ways to ensure that you remain relaxed, on time, and prepared for whatever challenge might lie ahead during your day. That is why we have made this range with super-lightweight materials so that you can get about your day without having to lug a cumbersome bag about with you all day that is bound to weigh you down. So enjoy the freedom the Alpendorf collection offers you and go forth with energy and a spring in your step!

Specially designed vertical front pocket

To increase the functionality of this range it has been created with specially designed vertical front pockets. This means that you needn't always take the bag off your back every time you need to slip away that important item but can simply reach around and tuck it away. It also will help keep your crucial documents, like passports, tickets, boarding passes, or whatever business document you might have with you, neat and tidy in a way that a horizontally zipped pocket simply cannot. So even though this range is fundamentally sporty in nature, it doesn't sacrifice anything in the way of practicality.

Durable RIVACASE plastic pullers

There is nothing worse than flimsy pullers on bags. They are always bound to let you down at the least opportune of moments - snapping and breaking just when you're rushing through an airport or train station, or even when up the mountain and getting off a chairlift and needing to get to that crucial pair of gloves or glasses. This infuriating eventuality has been circumvented with this Alpendorf range by the introduction of durable RivaCase plastic pullers so that you can be both robust with your bag but also rest safe in the knowledge that it won't let you down.

Organiser panel

Because you need to stay ultra prepared and ready for whatever challenge might lie ahead, this bag comes with its own organizer panel. There is nothing more important than preparedness. They say 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail', and that key message we have sought to encapsulate with a panel that means you can easily store away a passport or a phone and know where it is, and that it is perfectly safe, at all times. Also, a couple of slots for your all-important pens mean that you will never be left scrabbling around at the bottom of your bag or asking random strangers on the train if they have a spare.

Contrasting light blue stitching

With this collection, we didn’t want to sacrifice anything in the way detail. Every single aspect of the range has been carefully considered to deliver a bag that is perfectly suited to your needs. And this is never more obvious than in the stunning stitching that the range offers. Tight and nearly crafted lines of shocking aqua-marine trace their way across the surfaces of the collection and lend a touch of trendy coolness to your bag. So no matter where you're headed, be it the office or the bar across the road, know that with this bag you'll never fail to look out of place.

Water-resistant melange fabric

It is crucial these days to ensure that your items are maintained in the most secure conditions possible. When carrying around numerous electronic devices that are all susceptible to moisture, you need to do everything in your power to keep the water out and your items safe. That is why we have designed this bag with beautifully woven water-resistant fabric. This carefully crafted mixtured surface will not only mean that your items are kept free from danger, but it provides the perfect understated look to impress all your friends and colleagues.

7520 Canvas Laptop bag 13.3-14''

Made out of a high-quality water-resistant material this Alpendorf bag offers you the stylish Laptop bag you need for day-in-day-out use. Designed to be a lightweight bag (475 g.), it has not sacrificed anything in the way of protection and comes with thickened sides to provides extra protection from accidental damage. The main laptop compartment comes with two additional inner sections for a 10.1'' Tablet and documents. A front zipped pocket with a panel for business cards, accessories and a mobile phone is also provided so you can remain composed and prepared as you go about your day.

7530 Laptop Canvas shoulder bag 15.6"

One of our larger bags in the Alpendorf range this 15.6'' Laptop Bag comes with numerous product features to assist you in your journey and day ahead. Water-resistant and made with reinforced sides the bag is sure to keep your items in ultra-secure conditions. The handles can be folded into outer compartments on both sides of the bag making it even slimmer. Dual zipper pulls provide you with quick and easy access so you can retrieve your belongings at a moment's notice. And a comfortable soft handle and an adjustable shoulder strap with an anti-slip shoulder pad will make you feel comfortable even during the longest journey.

7529 blue Laptop Sling backpack 13.3"

This incredibly stylish urban sling is manufactured using high-quality water-resistant material. This lightweight backpack (450 g.) has thickened sides to provide extra protection from accidental damage and a vertical load compartment with soft sides and a strap that securely fixes your laptop in place. A special side-pocket for a bottle of water is also provided so that you are kept extra hydrated in your day. And, in addition to these, a shoulder strap with a pocket for a smartphone, and a headphone cable outlet is available so that you can quickly slip away your device and listen to some music or a podcast during your journey.

7560 Laptop Canvas Backpack 15.6" black

Manufactured using high-quality water-resistant material, this Alpendorf canvas backpack is one of the largest in the range and can comfortably fit a device up to 15.6" in dimensions. Two side pockets allow you to easily store bottles of water. A main vertical load compartment with soft sides and a strap that securely fixes your Laptop is provided to keep your device in ultra-secure conditions, with an additional inner pocket for a Tablet up to 10.1'' also being provided. A strap management system also prevents any excess strap material from dangling keeping you safe and compact during your journey.